I highly recommend Happy Horse Thrush Ointment. My barefoot Arabian has been battling thrush for years. Nothing has worked. Then I tried Happy Horse on them. To my amazement, for the first time, his hooves cleared up! The product really adheres to the hooves , so it says long enough to work it's magic. I make sure I keep a backup supply. I rate Happy Horse an A+++!!!


Happy Horse Thrush Ointment is about the best that we have used. At Southern Cross Farm we rescue and rehab horses, most of them have serious thrush and white line problems. We have had great success with this product. It packs into the hooves and does not make a sticky mess. We highly recommend it!


Happy Horse


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Bobby Howell, a farrier of 20+ years experience, created Happy Horse Thrush Ointment. Happy Horse effectively treats thrush, white line disease, and seedy toe with proven results.